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The holidays are almost here!

Let us help take the stress out of the holidays by creating a cozy and inviting space in your home this season.  With our holiday decorating services, we will professionally style your home using your existing decorations to give it a renewed and festive vibe for you and your family to enjoy. 


In addition, if you've been wanting to freshen up your holiday decor and need help selecting new items to bring your vision to life, we can do the shopping for you, within your budget, and combine the old with the new to create a look you will truly love!

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Package 1:  DECK THE HALLS

With our Deck the Halls package, we will style and decorate the primary areas of your home using your existing decor, and bring you the magic of the holiday season, without all of the stress!

Package includes:

  • Christmas Tree (up to 8 ft tall)

  • Fireplace Mantel

  • Living Room 

  • Dining Room

Package 2:  TRIM THE TREE

We will professionally style and decorate your live or artificial tree and adorn it with your treasured ornaments and embellishments.

Package includes:

  • Assembling the tree (if artificial)

  • Placement of lights and ornaments

  • Place tree topper, ribbons, skirt, embellishments


With this package, we will give your fireplace mantel the attention it deserves! We'll dress it up with your garland, ribbons, stockings, embellishments and lights and prepare it for Santa's big arrival!

Package includes:

  • Placement of lights and garlands

  • Place all embellishments, ribbons, accessories and decorative items on and around the fireplace.

Package 4:  A WARM WELCOME

Let us style and decorate your front porch to create a warm and inviting entrance to greet you and your guests using your existing decor.

Package includes:

  • Place, wreath, lights and garlands on and around front door.

  • Place decorative trees and accessories on and around the porch.

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